"Conquest of Time" is a turn based strategy game written in Java 1.5.0/Swing. The main ideas are based on concepts of famous games like Civilization and Empire.

You start in a city where you find a unit to command. You know nothing about the area around you. Explore the entire map, find other cities and defeat all enemies...

The scenario is quite simple until now, but it will be consecutively enhanced. See the road map to get an impression of future features and scenarios.

The project is hosted on sourceforge: Conquest of Time ( There you will find some more detailed information about released files, bugs and project statistics.


Download and installing

Prerequisite: Java 1.5.0.

You need at least the Java 1.5.0 runtime environment in order to run "Conquest of Time". The Java runtime environment has been released in autumn 2005. On some operating systems there might be still the former release 1.4.2 installed. Please get the current Java Runtime environment (JRE 5.0, about 17MB) or the Java development kit (JDK 5.0, >100MB) for example from the Sun website: Java download page.

Get the current release of "Conquest of Time" from cot-0.0.5.jar

Download the source files or older releases: List of files

Installation and invocation is quite simple: Just download the appropriate .jar-file and start it using java -jar cot-<release>.jar.

Enjoy playing!



You started the game... And now?

New Game: Start a new game via the File menu. You may select up to four players and four map sizes. The computer opponents are really stupid, they should be defeated easily. And the large map is really large...

Handling is quite easy: Use the the number keys in order to move the active unit on the map. (You should activate Num Lock.) There are some more key commands:

City:Inside a city you may alter the production and the name. Clicking on a unit inside the city will activate it.



Screenshot of release 0.0.4 - there you see one of the first transporters ever built :-)

image of the main screen of release 0.0.4

For more screenshots, please refer to the screenshot section of the sourceforge project page: More screenshots...



Current release of Conquest of Time is 0.0.5.

ReleaseNew Feature(s)
0.0.1Initial release
0.0.2Logical separation of game and (gui-) client
0.0.3Map overview + Statistics + Saving/restoring games
0.0.4More unit types
0.0.5Improved AI
0.0.6Network support
0.0.7Moving costs + Roads + Self explanatory gui
0.1.xResearch, culture, diplomacy, buildings, terrain specific resources
0.2.xRole playing elements? campaigns?




If you have further questions, remarks etc. don't hesitate and contact mdehn at sourceforge dot net